My name is Nico


Since I had the chance to work with all kinds of clients in all sectors, I am able to give you great ideas on how to manage your communication.


A webiste has to work perfectly, fast and on all browers. Its content has to be manageable by anyone without sound knowledge on internet. This is my job, not yours.


You know that nowadays, visual has taken a huge place in communication, I will provide you with designs that speak to your target audience.

I develop and design great websites and web applications

My goals

I have more than 8 years of experience in web development.
(HTML5/CSS3 - JavaScript - PHP/MySQL)
I have also grow in a communication/marketing and design environment since more than 6 years.
(PSD/AI - PrePress - Video shooting and editing)

I am eager to take part to new projects and to meet new challenges.

I am interested in new technologies and innovating ideas.
My goal is to keep improving and providing the best solutions that really fit to the project needs.
I am always available for those who would propose me great opportunities.

Almost all of my projects are made from scratch.
I can handle every step :

  • study
  • sketch
  • psd/ai
  • code
  • test/debug
  • maintenance

My projects

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Contact me

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Nicolas Sandron
Nicolas Sandron Male belgian 1986-09-24 6312 Phone: +32 476 317 795

I am a social guy